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Synkontact: Easy Contacts Transfer

The best contacts transfer and backup app!

Synkontact is an easy tool to synchronize contacts information between mobile phones, regardless the platforms. You can transfer all of you contacts between two smart phones without a computer. You can also use Synkontact to backup your contacts.

Just download Synkontact on both smart phones, and use it to upload your contacts from the old phone and then download them to the new phone. That’s it! Your contacts transfer is completed! Please follow instructions inside the application.

When transfer contacts to your new phone from the server, Synkontact supports many options:
1. Keep Local: local contacts will be kept intact and no new information will be added;
2. Merge into Local: new information will be added to local contacts if it does not exist, e.g. a new phone number;
3. Override Local: local contacts will be removed and the new contacts be created from the downloaded information. Two contacts are considered same if both first name and last name are the same.

Synkontact users love it!

Garcia – I would really like to thank u for this app.

Exellent! – All contacts from the iPhone to the Galaxy S III easily transferred in three minutes!

Perfect – Great cross-platform app; even across different carriers, I can still upload and download my contacts!





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