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Enterprise Spending on Mobile App Development Decrease While Demands on Custom App Remains High

A recent Gartner report shows that enterprise spending on Mobile App Development decrease by at least 2 percent in 2016, while demands on customized features for mobile apps remains high. Therefore, what’s the best strategy to secure enterprise-level Low Cost Custom iPhone App Development, Design, and maintenance?

Business needs custom App Development

While there are off-the-shelf apps that one can customize, such as Box, Evernote and SAP Fiori, nearly all enterprise require customized App development to meet their business needs as opposed to customizing configurable apps. This survey results is in line with what experienced in the past 7 years. The fundamental reason is that providing best custom experience always requires custom features and attention to details. NotionInMotion experience first hands and have to say that utilizing off-the-shelf App frameworks only “benefit” developers, not the enterprise.

App Maintenance is key

Once App is built, a misconception is that Apps configured through off-the-shelf framework requires less maintenance. However, from cost perspective, it is almost the same. This is primarily due to works related to:

  • Quickly react to Apple iOS updates: regardless complete customer app or off-the-shelf app framework, changes need to be done to codebase most of the case. In fact, many companies end up “customize” common “off-the-shelf” app framework to meet their needs, which makes applying changes even harder.
  • New features, new UI: often new features and new UI are critical for business development and user experience, App maintenance is therefore more important during business as usual (BAU) than the initial launching!
  • Bugs need to be quickly fixed: any computer program has bugs, the key is to identify and fix them quickly. App store crash reports and built in APIs for bug detection can help, but dedicated attentions need to be provided.

NotionInMotion’s App Aftercare is the Solution (over 60% saving!)

We provides end to end custom App development and App maintenance services. Therefore, instead of hiring dedicated resources and deal with all HR overhead, as a business, you can hire us to maintain Apps and get dedicated services such as new feature implementation, bug fixes, and app store updates due to iOS or SDK changes. This could save a business on average 60% of the cost compared to hiring dedicated resources.

Let Us Manage Your Ongoing Mobile App Maintenance
Take The Burden Completely Off Your Plate

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Let Us Manage Your Ongoing Mobile App Maintenance
Take The Burden Completely Off Your Plate

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