How to Develop and Maintain Good Quality Mobile Apps?

Design – Develop – Care

Nowadays it goes without saying that Mobile Apps are critical for business growth. How to develop and maintain good quality mobile Apps with no hassle and low costs? We hope to elaborate the three critical steps and offer some advice to help you achieve that.


Maintain Good Quality Mobile Apps

Design Your App

Design is no doubt the first step to turn your business idea into a fully functional App. More importantly, good design is vital to make your App a business asset. Many App development companies offer professional advice and service on how to design successfully for major Mobile App platforms, including iOS and Android platforms such as We believe one of the key consideration is to evaluate how well the designs stick to App development standards and principles.

Usually, good practice start with a product designer and a UX designer helping to scope out your business goals, proposing mobile solutions, and presenting key functions to implement. In essence, this effort is defining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that not only satisfy key business needs, but also fastest time-to-market benefit.


With a good design, the next step is to develop the App. Knowing that App development is an iterative process and that any App development companies have years of experience, however, a key consideration is to evaluate if the developer help you thinking which Mobile platform to start with. For examples we help our customers to decide whether to develop an iOS native app first, or an Android app first, or both. Of course knowing your target customer base can help but when you don’t have that information at hand yet, we usually offer to build-in analytics such as Flurry to collect information for business intelligence.

Maintain Good Quality Mobile Apps

Develop Your App

As many other mobile technology companies, at, we follow Agile Scrum Methodology during development, operating as quick as 7-day sprint cycles. Functionality is delivered quickly and continuously to allow user testing and client feedback, giving maximum transparencies to our customers. Scrum is the most commonly used agile framework for mobile development. We review each scrum with our customers at the end of the every 7-day sprint and adjust and improve schedule and requirements as needed. Within 7-days, most of our customers have a functional prototype on their mobile device to test already.

Care, Care, and Care!

Maintain Good Quality Mobile Apps

Contact Us to Build your App

If you don’t already know you will soon realize that getting your Mobile Applications into the App Stores is only the start! Firstly, it is obvious that Mobile Apps need to be updated frequently and on demand for your business to success. Secondly, let’s face it, no App is perfect there is always a need to monitor, discover, and fix bugs. Moreover, Mobile OS (operating systems) are updated very frequently. Since February 2010, Apple have upgraded iOS for iPhone and iPad from version 3.1.3 to version 10 beta already. This year, at least seven major iOS updates and SDK (Software Development Kit) upgrades have already been rolled out. All in all, without good maintenance support, many Apps failed to continue function as designed.

In the long run, App owners must also consider customer ratings and reviews. Care your app therefore also means you have to closely monitoring keyword performance, App ratings, and other critical MIs are important to get your App noticed and business goals met.

To summarize, here are typical App maintenance tasks:

  • Develop new functions
  • Optimize existing functions and fix bugs
  • Test and react to iOS or Android OS or any API updates
  • ASO (app store optimization) with Keyword analysis and other vital MI to give best business intelligence
  • Monitor customer reviews and App ratings

We can help – Try us with money back guarantees!

Please use the form below to contact us if you have any App development and maintenance needs. Even if your app wasn’t developed by us, if you have an existing App in the app stores that haven’t been optimized for iPhone 6, we can help to maintain it up-to-date and to develop new features! Depending on the complexity of the App, your monthly cost will be as low as $100 or absolutely less than $1500, we promise!

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Let Us Manage Your Ongoing Mobile App Maintenance
Take The Burden Completely Off Your Plate

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