Cocktail Drink Recipes

Cocktail Drinks: Recipes & Images

Cocktail Drink Recipes – the Ingredients, mixology and Images 

“Cocktail Drinks: Recipes & Image” is the ultimate tool to find and make perfect cocktail drinks for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to grab a shaker and get to mixing on your own. Some of the most famous and delicious cocktails require no greater skill than being able to measure in ounces and squeeze the juice out of a lime. “ Cocktail Drink: Recipes & Images” has collected hundreds of offline cocktail drink recipes, including the classic and most popular ones. Equipped with photo images of the cocktail drinks, precise measurement of ingredients, step by step preparation instructions, the mixology and tips, you can easily make your own amazing crafted cocktail drinks! Don’t miss the chance to impress your friends and families with the beautiful mouth-watering drinks!

– Flexible ways to search, browse by category, search by name and base wine.
– Hundreds of cocktails recipes, and we update our database frequently.
– Detailed Recipes includes ingredients, garments, preparation steps, mixology and tips.
– Offline database.
– Favorite — Add a drink to your favorite list!
– Share –share the cocktail drink recipes with your friends via facebook, twitter or through email.
– Random drink — get a random cocktail drink recipes by shaking the phone.
– Push notification.

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